Google Chrome Remote Desktop


A simple guide to setting up the FREE Google Chrome Remote Desktop solution.

Google Chrome

You will need to have Google's Chrome web-browser for Google Chrome Remote Desktop to work. If you do not already have it installed, please do so now.


We highly recommend creating a new Google account for this purpose. This new account will be used only for this purpose; never to be used for anything else thus reducing the risk of the account information being compromised due to someone hacking a third-party website. Additionally, we'd prefer not to have access to your personal gmail account; so setting up a new account takes care of this.

For the following example, we will use KAAA-FM as the call letters.

Now that you have a new account, we can begin the setup process.

Installing Google Chrome Remote Desktop Extension

This will setup the mechanism that allows the actual software to be installed.

Installing Google Chrome Remote Desktop

Once completed, you should now see your machine in the list with a notation that it is online.

Give Us Access

At this point all that you need to do is provide us with the Google account that was created to set this up.