EZ-NET is a radio broadcasting industry utility that can save traffic people significant hours per week. Stations that used to spend over 6 hours per week importing network ads tell us they can now get the job done in under 6 minutes with EZ-NET.

$75 per station per month or
$15 per weekly schedule peak per month

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The EZ-NET utility contains everything you need to import, process, manage and report on network related spots.

There are several advantages gained by using EZ-NET.

The first of which is the significant reduction of time spent gathering the ever-changing schedules (which change every week - many times, more often), managing existing copy and new copy (which changes every week) and leveraging a strategy that minimalizes the amount of time spent scheduling these spots on logs.

The above is done using a three-part approach:

The second advantage is providing a simplified summary of work to be done by the production team to prepare the automation system for executing these spots. This is done by providing all of the details of what has been added and/or extended for the upcoming week in a simple and straight forward easy to follow report.

The third advantage gained is the simplification of "reporting back". Most networks require that you provide them additional details regarding your actual follow through on your commitment to airing these spots. EZ-NET provides a detailed report that is specifically designed to simplify this process by bringing together all of the as-run details in a format that is specifically designed to reduce the time it takes to "report back". Additionally, this information is automatically leveraged when you utilize the built in custom web browser to navigate to the networks web sites for the purpose of submitting affidavits. All you have to do is "click" through and review the process.

We are constantly looking at ways to further reduce the overall effort involved in managing network relate spots. Currently on our radar:


Without EZ-NET

Before even beginning the process, it is necessary to have the following available:

Now that we have this, the following occurs every Thursday/Friday:

At this point one must cross their fingers hoping that nothing was missed, no mistakes were made, and all contract obligations were adhered to.

Now, after each weekly schedule has completed, it is then necessary to take the "as-play" information from the traffic / automation system and manually "re-key" it into the submit affidavits forms provided by the networks through their websites. This, you can imagine, is a time consuming and extremely error prone process.


After the initial setup which includes adopting the overall strategy mentioned above, every Thursday/Friday:

When notified of a schedule change:

When the weekly schedule has completed:

Yes! That's all there is to it. Using EZ-NET along with the right strategy, the painful process of dealing with getting the details from the networks to the air is reduced to nearly nothing.

Supported Networks


The list of supported networks is growing all the time; here is a list of what is currently supported:

Additional networks are added based on what our customers encounter (and, of course, what is feasible).

Supported Traffic Systems

The following Traffic systems have full support:

Don't see your Traffic system on this list? We'd love to work with your Traffic vendor to change that; please contact us to get things started!


The following can be used to install the custom version designed specifically for RadioTraffic.com's Premier product.

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