Radio Toolbelt (Project 'Hephaestus') - download.exe

Download Tool

Easily download a file off of the internet (HTTP/HTTPS) from the command-line.


It is possible to modify some of the defaults...

To do so, you can create a download.ini file in the same folder as download.exe. These will then modify the default value to these values and specifying them on the command line is no longer necessary; however, if you do provide them on the command line and they are different than what is in download.ini file - the information provided on the command line will override the default.

The download.ini file should contain the following:


extract=false delete=false


download (url)

The download.exe tool makes it easy to download a file from the internet using the HTTP/HTTPS protocol.

download (tool)

The download.exe tool makes it simple to add additional tools to the toolbelt.

This will download the tool, automatically extract the tool and then delete the downloaded file. If you'd like to not have to pass the --extract and --delete flags, you can modify the download.ini file to make these on by default.

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