Radio Toolbelt (Project 'Hephaestus') - ftpsync.exe

FTP Sync Tool

Provides the ability to automate the transfer of files using the FTP protocol.


In order for this tool to be utilized, you will need to first specify the ftp server information.

To do so, you can create a ftpsync.ini file in the same folder as ftpsync.exe.

The ftpsync.ini file should contain the following:





Configure "Minion(s)" (Required)

The ftpsync.exe utility is capable of running several configuration sets ("minions") providing for a ton of flexibility for how you want to handle ftp sync.

To configure the individual ftpsync.exe minions, you will need to create/modify the ftpsync.ini file.

Each minion is named minion followed by a number starting with one (1). At the time of this writing, the number of minions is limited to 255. It is possible to skip numbers within this range (1-255).

In each minion section...


ftpsync.exe --config c:\toolbelt\ftpsync.ini

It is possible to specify a different configuration file on the command-line so that you can leverage this tool for many different task groups. To do so, use the --config argument to specify the full path of the desired configuration file.

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