Radio Toolbelt (Project 'Hephaestus') - weather.exe

Weather Tool

This utility is primarily for our internal use for diagnosing Project 'Zeus' issues as they relate to pulling the information from the various weather providers. Additionally, we utilize this to initially test additional providers. We are including it in the toobelt to gather some feedback as to the possible other uses that this might serve.


Most of the following options can easily be changed from within the application in addition to being "hot reload" enabled within the weather.ini configuration file.




The following specify the settings for the "current" conditions.


The following are settings as they relate to pulling the forecast (assuming the forecast information is already included as part of the current details).

Note: Modifying the weather.ini file is hot reload enabled; meaning that as soon as you save the changes to the file, the application (if running) will automatically apply the changes (without requiring restart).

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